BB® 2 clamp: Double-screw end-to-end connection

The BB® 2 clamp has been developed to face the increasing necessity for tightness and weight reduction on automotive exhaust lines. Its innovative design (patented) gives it excellent weight/performance and cost/performance ratios. The clamp consists of an integral band, two screws, two nuts and a gasket.


  • The BB® 2 clamp ensures tightness up to gas temperatures of 850°C.
  • Tensile strength: over 3000 N.
  • High mechanical retention (pull-off and torsion resistance).
  • Allowable leak rate: 2 to 5 litres/min at 0.3 bar.
  • Weight for diameter 50 mm: 320 g.
  • The BB® 2 clamp withstands corrosion, vibration and automotive fluids.


The BB® 2 clamp is mainly made of ferritic stainless steel for pipes having outside diameters of 35, 38, 40, 42, 42.7, 45, 48.6, 50, 52, 54, 55, 57.2, 60, 65 mm.

It is also available in austenitic stainless steel.

The BB® 2 clamp is supplied with Cr6-free coated steel or stainless steel bolts and nuts.

Different diameters can also be produced upon request.

Specific range:

A very large diameter version of the BB® 2 clamp has been specifically developed for Truck applications.
It consists of a stainless steel band on which a second band with ears is welded, two screws, two washers and two nuts.