Pre-positioned CVS® clamps

  •  The pre-positioned CVS® clamp consists of an integral V-shaped band, a gasket, a screw, a washer and a nut.
  • The fixed gasket enables pre-positioning of the clamp (clipping it) on one of the pipes, which provides easier assembly conditions, while improving the tightness of the connection.

Good sealing performance with 0.4 mm thick gaskets (please contact us for more details):

  • Clamp can be pressed on flared pipe (at exhaust supplier plant).
  • Clamp and gasket come pre-positioned on flared pipe (good retention withstands transportation stress).

Excellent sealing performance with 0.2 mm thick gaskets (please contact us for more details):

  • Clamp has to be pressed on flared pipe at final assembly plant workstation.
  • Clamp and gasket cannot be transported after being pre-positioned on flared pipe.


  • Easier removal as the nut is integral with the band (the clamp opens upon unscrewing).
  • Hexagonal socket head screw (for limited-access areas).
  • Bolts and nuts in carbon or stainless steel, M8 or M10.

These clamps must be fitted with specific fitting tools. For more information, please download our tools catalogue.