CVS® P & PU clamps: large diameter Belly Band & V-Band clamps

For very large diameter applications.

In order to meet growing requirements on truck, bus, and off-road vehicle pollution-control systems, CAILLAU developed a range of very large diameter clamps.

The CVS® PU clamp consists of an integral V-shaped band, a screw, a washer and a nut.

It ensures tight connections between a metal flared pipe-end and a biconical pipe up to gas temperatures above 1000°C.

The CVS® PU clamp offers excellent performance and durability and optimized weight. Depending on application temperature, CVS® PU clamps are produced in ferritic or austenitic stainless steel.


  • A leak rate below 0.5 litre/min can be reached depending on the application, please contact us.
  • Withstands high stresses (pressure, pull-off, vibration).
  • Withstands corrosion (resistance to salt spray over 400 hours).
  • Assembly and removal with manual tool or power screwdriver.
  • Diameter range from 120 mm up to 1000 mm.