Ensure a tight fitting between a hose and a pipe-end at temperatures ranging from -30 to +130°C.


  • Excellent circularity: even distribution of the clamping force preventing leakage.
  • The locking system of the CLIC® clamp ensures a robust tightening.
  • Resistant to high stresses (pressure, pull-off, vibration).
  • Austenitic stainless steel clamp: withstands corrosion as well as fuel, oil, grease, alcohol, …
  • The CLIC® clamp is light and compact.
  • Quick and easy fitting (1 second) with manual or pneumatic pliers. For more information, please download our tools catalogue.
  • The CLIC® clamp is removable and reusable. (if disassembled with care).
  • The different diameters can easily be identified thanks to a colour coding.

Specific ranges:

The CLIC® clamp has pre-tightened versions (to prevent the clamp from opening before fitting) named Préclipsé and Préclipsé R as well as a preformed version (to the shape of the application to be clamped).


Automotive: engine, fuel tank vent, air filter, steering, etc…

All other industrial applications, electrical appliances, automotive aftermarket, domestic plumbing (sauna, bath…).