Spring-loaded hose clamp designed to tightly secure a flexible hose on a pipe. It is particularly adapted for automotive original equipment, industry and all other applications subjected to strong temperature variations leading to rubber creep.

The spring system consists of:

  • a 51CrV4 steel “OMEGA” spring with anti-corrosion coating.
  • a 1.4310 stainless steel base, which ensures pressure continuity under the spring.

Strengths (besides those of the VISA® clamp):

Maintains clamping at low temperature (-40°C) despite thermal contraction and compression set of the hose and limits rubber creep at high temperature (+140°C).

The VISA E® clamp is particularly adapted for high pressure/temperature air inlet, engine cooling, fuel filler pipe applications…

These clamps must be fitted with specific fitting tools. Manual, pneumatic, or electric fitting tools are available. Some tools have a fitting control function. The electric tool can be equipped with a electronic control unit (ECU) that can communicate fitting information to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).