Hose clamp designed to tightly secure a flexible hose on a pipe, it is particularly adapted for automotive original equipment, industry and all other heavy-duty applications.

The VISA® clamp integrates a ferritic stainless steel band.

Strengths (compared to a worm-drive clamp):

  • Excellent clamping circularity: even distribution avoiding leakage.
  • The VISA® clamp offers original equipment guarantee (cannot be replaced without the appropriate fitting tools and cannot be reused).
  • The VISA® clamp ensures a pre-determined clamping force : the clamping force is directly linked to the shear pip’s breaking load.
  • Three shear pips are available, in order to closely match the clamping force needed for the application to be tightened.
  • Clamping range diameter of 10 mm (adapts to different hose sizes).
  • Does not damage the hoses (integral band and rounded edges).
  • The VISA® clamp is a proven product, which has been used for 30 years in the automotive industry.
  • The VISA® clamp is compact and light (saving > 40% vs. worm-drive clamp).
  • Reduces both fitting time and proper clamping checking time.
  • Visual check of clamping thanks to the hole in the band after shearing of the pip.
  • Eliminates torque checks and fitting tool adjustments (pre-defined force depending on the shear pip).


  • Withstands high stresses (pressure, pull-off).
  • The profile of its teeth guarantees excellent resistance to vibration.
  • Withstands corrosion (salt spray resistance > 400 hrs), fuel, oil, grease,…

These clamps must be fitted with specific fitting tools. Manual, pneumatic, or electric fitting tools are available. Some tools have a fitting control function. The electric tool can be equipped with a electronic control unit (ECU) that can communicate fitting information to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).