Additional strengths (besides those of the CLIC® clamp):

The CLIC® R clamp has capacity reserves designed to compensate for the tolerance ranges of the hoses and pipe-ends to be tightened.

CLIC® R specific ranges:

The CLIC® R clamps also exist with a slot or a hole to pre-position them on a hose.


Automotive: Fuel, oil, air, cooling systems, power steering, airbags, EGR, SCR…

Transmission and steering boots, all rubber, thermoplastic, TPE, silicone… hoses.

All other industrial applications, electrical appliances, ship industry…

These clamps must be fitted with specific fitting tools. Manual, pneumatic, or electric fitting tools are available. Some tools have a fitting control function. The electric tool can be equipped with a electronic control unit (ECU) that can communicate fitting information to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).