The NEMO® clamp is particularly recommended for the automotive industry (OEM and aftermarket), trucks, marine, ventilation and other industrial applications.

Technical performance:

  • The NEMO® clamp ensures an even distribution of the clamping force.
  • Maintains sealing for applications subjected to temperature ranging from -20°C to +110°C
  • Withstands vibration
  • Withstands outdoor climate: salt spray resistance of 200 hours
  • Is not aggressive and does not damage the hoses (stamped band with completely smooth inner face, raised ends and rounded edges).
  • The screw head enables removal with a screwdriver or a spanner.
  • Thanks to its disengageable housing, the NEMO® clamp enables:
    • Quick fitting (adjustment to hose diameter)
    • Quick removal with or without a screwdriver
    • Substitution without having to disconnect the hose 


  • Recommended torque: 3 to 4 Nm depending on functional requirement.
  • Recommended screwing speed: 300 rpm.

Existing references:

  • Band width: 9 mm, thickness: 0.6 mm, material: coated steel (W2).
  • Diameters: 16 mm to 125 mm.
  • The NEMO® clamp can be supplied with black finish.
  • The NEMO® clamp can be supplied with non-disengageable housing (NEMO® PINCÉ).