The HOP® range of worm-drive hose clamps offers high clamping force for small diameters.

Two versions are available (W2 and W4) for automotive, aerospace, industrial, naval applications…

They stand out by:

  • Their excellent performance, thus ensuring good tightness at a relatively low torque.
  • A very flexible band thanks to its minimal thickness.
  • Compatibility with NFE 27581 / DIN 3017 standards.
  • A band with rounded edges preventing any damage to the hose.
  • Recommended screwing speed: 300 rpm (max. 500 rpm).


  • HOP® 5M: 5 mm band width, W2 steel, diameters 7 to 19 mm (HOPINOX® 5M in W4 steel)
  • HOP® 8M: 8 mm band width, W2 steel, diameters 8 to 27 mm (HOPINOX® 8M in W4 steel)